While the jury may be out as to whether or not schools will be opening this fall, one thing is certain — it’s time for your family’s back-to-school checkups.

Why a checkup if my kids might be going to school online?

Although we’re all probably going to continue to be at home a lot more than usual, getting regular dental and medical checkups should remain a top priority. It’s still recommended that your family have a dental checkup every six months. Although today, we have unique challenges due to COVID-19, we still must give our teeth the attention they deserve — but with precautions in mind.

Worried about the safety of coming to the dentist?

Dental Health Partners is following a strict regimen to help keep every patient safe. In fact, the American Dental Association has developed science-based guidance to dentists on extra steps they can take, in addition to the infection control procedures we’ve always followed. And Dental Health Partners is doing everything we can to protect our patients and staff.

Can’t we just do a virtual checkup?

A phone or video appointment isn’t the same as a regular dental checkup with the professional team at Dental Health Partners. Teledentistry can be helpful in some situations, such as deciding if an oral health issue you’re experiencing is an emergency that requires immediate treatment. But nothing replaces an in-person exam.

Book your dental appointments today

Don’t wait to book your family’s dental checkups — call today to schedule a convenient time before school starts and your schedule gets busier.