It’s no secret that COVID-19 has affected us all in some way. At Dental Health Partners, we put our patients’ and staff health above all else. That’s why, when you visit us, you’ll see a few changes that help take on this viral menace. Please note that because of these changes, appointments will take more time and there will be less flexibility for appointment times.


Our Staff

  • All employees will have their temperature taken at the start of their shift.
  • All staff will wear masks throughout the day.
  • We’ve added new PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), including N95 masks and face shields, during treatment, and will change our coats between patients.


Our Patients

  • We ask patients will wait in their car until we call them — this facilitates social distancing.
  • We’re screening all patients and taking their temperature before we see them.
  • We’re asking each patient to wear a mask when in public areas. (Currently, our waiting area is not open to the public.)
  • We ask that you come to your appointment without an escort; if you have someone with you, please have them wait in the car.


Our Office

  • We’ve maintained our rigorous infection control procedures, disinfection between patients and instrument sterilization mandated by the CDC since 2002.
  • We’re continuing to monitor the recommendations of the ADA and CDC to stop the spread of the coronavirus and will make changes in our procedures as needed.


We’re committed to taking exceptional care of you — and look forward to seeing you in our safe and sanitary office. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Dental Health Partners in Cedar Rapids. Your dental health is important to us, and we’re working hard to care for and help our patients feel more comfortable during this unprecedented time.